Affiliated institutes

Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle

The CA&D affiliated institute fosters the use of digital media at the university and also promotes cooperation links to commercial companies and societal institutions.

idea…, the Institute of Interior Design, Environment and Architecture, develops, supports and publicises projects with an interdisciplinary and international focus that deal with the contexts of interior architecture, design and architecture.

The ISCE, the affiliated Institute for Software Consulting and Development, conducts research in the areas of didactics of new media, e-learning, image science and image-oriented learning processes, and also develops and evaluates software in the context of pedagogy and art education.

The university-affiliated Sepia Institute for Textile Arts promotes tapestry, the textile arts and the multidisciplinary and architecture-related use of textile arts by means of research and support for interdisciplinary training for artists, designers and academics.