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BURG's international concept

Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design pursues an intensive exchange across national and cultural borders in many ways. It presents itself as a place where this exchange is not only a matter of course, but also an artistic and scientific necessity. This arises from the conviction that artistic and creative education are particularly committed to an equal intercultural transfer of knowledge as well as to the acceptance of difference and the promotion of diversity. It is also precisely from this that ideas and designs for new social and cultural approaches are drawn.

Accordingly, the task at BURG is to prepare students to be able to develop an independent, self-confident position in the respective fields of art and design. The task includes the promotion of an interculturally respectful mindset among graduates, also against the background and in the context of a global job market and international artistic fields of activity.
Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design sees itself as a pluralistic and socially, economically and politically responsible university that pursues ecologically sustainable goals and acts as a major player in society, opposing nationalist, racist, totalitarian tendencies and discrimination of any kind.

The University defines the following guidelines for its international endeavors:
The BURG pursues active participation in and co-creation of the European and worldwide art higher education area. The own artistic-creative profile as well as the perception as an internationally oriented university are strengthened in this way. The BURG is in continuous dialogue with its international university partners about ethical principles, aesthetic interests and culturally and socially relevant focal points. A lively exchange with a high level of intensity in the joint commitment is a decisive factor in this. To this end, BURG provides specific contact persons for each international contact.
The basis of all internationally oriented activities at the BURG is a cosmopolitan campus. In this teaching, learning and working environment, the exchange of all members of the university across languages and cultures is lived practice. In this context, the promotion of intercultural competencies and international mobility of students, faculty and staff through the cultivation of cooperation in teaching and practice is a priority goal. Particularly in teaching and research, an increased embedding in transnational contexts and discourses is strived for. The consideration of intercultural contents and experiences is an essential stimulus for the further development of the quality of studies and teaching. Also in the course of internationalisation, the BURG advocates the strengthening of the special features of individual artistic, creative as well as scientific learning processes.


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