Design of Playing and Learning

Master’s course, Prof. Karin Schmidt-Ruhland
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The closing date for online registration for application for the master’s course is 15 May for the following winter semester.

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Bachelor’s discipline

Design of Playing and Learning B.A.

Design of Playing and Learning (M.A.)

Play spaces, play objects, play activities … playing and learning takes place everywhere and in all life phases, and is influenced by societal and technological developments. Accordingly, the spectrum of topics and design requirements involved is very broad. The master’s course in Design of Playing and Learning includes the innovative shaping of play spaces and objects and the design of concepts and media, along with scenarios for playing and learning situations; the course is characterised by experimental and research-oriented work.

The design projects are activity- and user-oriented. The main focuses are on observation and research, the integration of user groups into project work, good process coordination, and innovative and activity-based design and implementation strategies. Students have the opportunity to experiment with interdisciplinary design processes within the university in cooperation with other courses and also with external partners.

Societal demands with regard to our willingness to engage in lifelong learning and explorative activity are increasing all the time. Against this background, master’s students concentrate and reflect on their role in the shaping, conception and communication of methods and opportunities for personal development for individuals and, in addition to this, in the exploration and use of the potential of play activity in societal processes.