B.A. in Multimedia|VR Design

Bachelor’s course


Design Campus, ‘Medienzentrum’
Neuwerk 1, 06108 Halle

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Multimedia|VR-Design (PDF)

Master's course

Multimedia Design

Innovative Ideas with Visions

The Multimedia|VR Design course offers young people with design talent who are interested in modern technology an academic education which will help them develop into assured designers. They will be prepared and trained for a challenging profession in the world of media. Graduates of this course will be experts who create multimedia products and new types of cultural products, either as capable team leaders or as creative freelancers.A lot of knowledge and skills are demanded of a Multimedia|VR designers. They have to be creative thinkers and excellent designers and must also have sound knowledge of a large number of programs and the interplay of these programs in order to be able to use them efficiently. Their task is to translate their innovative ideas and visions – in a manner appropriate for the relevant medium – into different concept variants that will subsequently be developed into detailed functional prototypes. Modern digital products offer two-dimensional or three-dimensional scenarios and complex spaces for activity, which then have to be designed for varied interactive use.