How to intertwine digital and analogue artistic-creative processes?

Between analog and digital teaching, questions arise and demand an intensive examination of the topic of digitality:

How can digital and analog artistic-creative processes be intertwined? What are the opportunities and limitations? How can creative and artistic work be translated into digital formats? How can these support the work and how can translation processes be promoted? How does the creative process change, as well as the way art and design can be experienced and applied? And last but not least, what can BURG as a designer of digital tools and networks contribute to the further digital transformation and how can everyone develop an attitude towards digital issues?

These are the questions and possible answers that the Studium Digitale team at BURG is working on as of now. We are agile in responding to requests and are able to respond to and follow up on time shortages. We follow, understand and mediate digital and technological developments and we invite all people at BURG to become part of the project.

For students: 

We give introductions to and encourage experimental work with digital tools, design workshops in the semester in art and design on the topics of "digital design work and prototyping", "digital publishing", the common creative programmes and encourage participation in digital formats with laptop lending. We also support student projects in the Studios Digitale. You can find our current events and workshops under News.

For lecturers:

We organise interdisciplinary training in digital publishing, 3D design work and legal requirements and offer technical support for digital and hybrid presentations, documentation and exhibitions.

For administration and studios:
We advise and support with digital and hybrid event formats e.g. for student recruitment, trainings and workshops or for creating video tutorials.

For individual requests or ideas please contact us!
Franziska Eichhorn eichhorn(at)burg-halle.de

Contact Points & Studios Digitale:

Digital professionalisation
Format development for workshops, symposia, further education and lectures.
Staff to contact: Anna Erhard erhard(at)burg-halle.de und Nikos Probst probst(at)burg-halle.de

Clayprinting studios
Mobile 3-D ceramic printing workshops for study projects, workshops and course-specific offers.
Staff to contact: Nikos Probst probst(at)burg-halle.de

I/O Lab
Space for digital imaging, photography, photogrammetry (3D scanning), 3D graphics software, working with sound, video and coding.
Staff to contact: Etienne Dietzel dietzel(at)burg-halle.de
(Location: Hhite House)

StreamLab und mobile streaming
Consultation on individual streaming scenarios, workshops and further training on digital and hybrid formats such as presentations, exhibitions and teaching events and educational formats for tutorial creation.
Contact: Kristian Gohlke gohlke(at)burg-halle.de
(Location: Media Centre )

Microphoning sound sources, recording, editing, sound design, sound pieces, audio drama, film sound and much more.
Staff to contact: Konrad Ruda ruda(at)burg-halle.de
(Location: White House)

We are in contact with other art colleges and are part of the collaborative project of the colleges in the state of Saxony-Anhalt (eSALSA).
Staff to contact: Etienne Dietzel dietzel(at)burg-halle.de and Marie-Louise Hilberer hilberer(at)burg-halle.de

The project is coordinated by Franziska Eichhorn. Philip Gaißer and Jonas Hansen are the project leaders.

Project Management

Franziska Eichhorn

Head of Project

Prof. Philip Gaißer (art department): gaisser(at)burg-halle.de

Prof. Jonas Hansen (design department): hansen(at)burg-halle.de


Studium Digitale – A program powered by the project „Hochschullehre durch Digitalisierung stärken“ funded by Stiftung Innovation in der Hochschullehre.


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