Figure Sculpture

Plastic Arts ‘Diplom’ degree course, Prof. Bruno Raetsch
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Focussing on humans

The contemporary language of sculpture offers very specific opportunities for formulating and taking up positions. Ideally, the subject/visual idea and the selected suitable visual medium will combine to form a very concentrated spatial situation.

This very material and tangible presence in space, the ability to master and structure this space, is a result of the formal power of composition, the interplay of volume and cross-section, and also – and this is what is essentially decisive in the quality of the entire undertaking – of the content-related credibility, the authenticity of that which is presented. The natural slowness, which is determined by the material, acts as a filter and is very helpful to the artist in serious, long-term self-questioning along the path to achieving an image.

Prof. Bruno Raetsch


Unterburg Giebichenstein (Giebichenstein Lower Castle),
West wing Seebener Straße 1, 06114 Halle

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