12th Annual Conference of the Gender Studies Association and Public Program

Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle and Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig

With contributions by: Hongwei Bao, Ama Josephine Budge, micha cárdenas, Heather Davis, Kara Keeling, Sabine Mohamed, Helen Pritchard, Rahul Rao, Karen Tongson, Jeremy Wade, Alexander Ghedi Weheliye, Lissy Willberg, Isabel Lewis and many more.

Exhibition at HGB Galerie & Burg Galerie at Volkspark with works by: Lou Drago, Dan Dansen (tbc), Jared Cobain (tbc), Nora Chipaumire, Ančan Daučiková, HYENAZ, Len Köster, Holly Patch & Holden Madagame, Meta Mramor, Annika Stoll

Organisation: Yeşim Duman, Antkek Engel, Susanne Huber, Katrin Köppert, Isabel Lewis, Friederike Nastold, Lars Paschke

Awareness concept by Sara Bahadori and Vanessa Fuguero
Graphics by Sophia Krayc, Lea Szremak and Hannah Witte

Sign language interpreting (DGS) and interpreting services (Engl.-Dt.)

Selected panels will be offered hybrid (online and on site) (see programme)

Limited travel funding is available for structurally disadvantaged people on low incomes

General info
No living things are without cell membranes. The membrane represents a commonality between unicellular organisms, plants and human and non-human animals. Does the concept of the membrane therefore help us to overcome anthropocentric thinking? And if so, how does it help to problematise hierarchies and power imbalances as well as support decolonial critiques of discourses of the posthuman in gender studies and feminist science and technology studies? Can queer theoretical understandings of desire, Black feminist negotiations of eroticism and/or trans* care practices forge new, unexpected connections between people, living beings and environments? Looking at the materiality of membranes, we are confronted with questions of sustainability, not only in artistic practice, but also in everyday life in dealing with clothes, packaging and all other envelopes (cars, aeroplane cabins) whose porosity is constitutive of climate change.

In the light of such themes and questions, the conference addresses the potential of the membrane as a conceptual metaphor or model in scientific and artistic investigations. membra(I)nes pursues intersectional and transdisciplinary approaches, explores them in an experimental way, opens up discussions - within the professional society and into the urban public sphere - and continues them. Urgent questions about the decolonisation of gender studies are given space. In view of power differences and structural domination, which are also effective at universities, the conference will be supported by an awareness team as well as interpreting services (English-German and DGS).

membra(I)nes is also the first annual conference in the history of the professional society to take place at two art colleges as well as in East Germany. It therefore works itself out on borders, between cities, political systems and academic spaces. A round table on this topic will conclude the conference. Performances, workshops, exhibitions, radio and a concert will integrate the conference into a public programme that will have an impact on both cities and the region.

Easy language
There will be a Gender Studies conference from 15 to 17 June 2023, where many lectures and cultural contributions will be interpreted in DGS. We would be pleased if deaf students, academics and interested people would attend the conference.  

The conference is called membra(I)nes: Membranes. Combined with brain and the I. For example, the eardrum (a membrane) and the importance of the brain for perception and ego formation. Among other things, we are concerned with the impermeability of various relations of domination. And about developing visions and alternatives.

15. – 16. Juni 2023
Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig, Wächterstr. 11, 04107 Leipzig

16. – 17. Juni 2023
Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle, Campus Design, Neuwerk 7, 06108 Halle

Click here for the programme overview. (Status 13.06.2023)

Click here for the programme booklet. (Status 13.06.2023)

An announcement video in sign language will appear shortly at this Link.

HGB Radio X Isabel Lewis
HGB Radio is a self-organized and student-run radio. HGB Radio collaborates with Isabel Lewis to create a continuous weekend-long streamable radio program as well as a sonic situation with two listening stations, one in the HGB Gallery and the BURG Gallery. The radio program and soundscape will showcase contributions submitted to the HGB Radio that explore themes of the membrane as metaphor for overcoming animal/human/plant borders, for overcoming gender roles, and for dismantling power structures within the institution and outside institutional boundaries. The sound situation can be visited at any time throughout the conference at HGB and BURG galleries and can also be listened to online, outside the conference times and locations.

Find the stream of Intentional Listening Theorie von Lou Drago here.

Find the stream of Sounding Voice - A Guided Exploration by Holly Patch und Holden Madagame here.


  • Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle
  • Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)
  • Fachgesellschaft Gender Studies e.V.
  • Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig
  • University Oldenburg

Awareness, Anti-discrimination and Accessibility
Awareness concept: Sara Bahadori and Vanessa Fuguero
Participatory inclusion formats: Yeşim Duman and Lila-Zoé Krauß
Project coordination: Antkek Engel and Nadine Moser
DGS videos and interpretation: Oya Ataman, Sema Çağla, Dana Cermane, Inna Shparber, Eyk Kauly, Matthias Ranner, Andrea Schmegel, Julia Utter, Tolga Yetkin.
English interpretation: Quynh Anh Le ngoc and Inés Schulz

There is an awareness concept for the conference. We want to create a space where everyone can feel comfortable. We do not tolerate discriminatory or abusive behaviour. If you observe such behaviour or are affected yourself, you can contact our awareness team.
Sexism, racism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia and any other form of discrimination have no place here!
We are also there if you need a place to retreat because you are overwhelmed or just need someone to talk to.

All details about the awareness structure at the conference will soon be available here as a PDF download.

We will provide German sign language for part of the programme at the conference, as well as interpretation from English to German if required. The programme of the interpretation DE-DGS and EN-DGS can be found here.

The awareness concept and DGS interpretation are made possible by:
German Federal Agency for Civic Education
Aktion Mensch
Gender/Queer e.V.

Unfortunately, there are more barriers than we can break down. The awareness team does not specialize in audism. We do not have a guidance system for blind people. The HGB is only wheelchair accessible through the back entrance. The main entrance has stairs and a very heavy door.  

More information about accessibility at HGB.

Conference Buddies System
First time at a scientific conference? Or you're more introverted, shy, or just don't feel like going to the annual meeting alone? No matter why, there are Conference Buddies for you! We at the AG Perspectives of the FG Gender Studies offer a low-threshold platform to find others to attend the 12th Annual Conference with. We want to try to support each other, find a familiar between all the strange faces and help each other to feel more comfortable, safer and less alone. Especially after Corona and social distancing. At the same time, Conference Buddies are also for all great people who would like to support others, share their experiences, knowledge and contacts.

We would like to try out the Conference Buddies system for the first time at this annual conference and find Buddies for everyone who wants to. Also, to address the theme of the annual meeting, membra(I)nes, in terms of permeability, accessibility of the professional society itself.

Sign up here.

Travel grants
Eight participation and travel scholarships in the maximum amount of 125 € each can be awarded to students/promoters and artists of color. Four of the scholarships go to members of the FG Gender Studies, four to persons without membership.

In addition, limited travel grants are available for structurally disadvantaged people with low income.

If required, information on this must be provided accordingly during registration:

Accommodation Leipzig
Groners Leipzig
Katharinenstraße 13, Mitte

a&o Hostel Leipzig
Brandenburgerstraße 2

Meininger Hotel Leipzig
Central Station, Brühl 69, Mitte

Hotel Markgraf Leipzig
Körnerstr. 36, Süd

Appartement Central Leipzig
Pfaffendorfer Straße 4-10, Mitte

Hotel Michaelis Leipzig 
Paul-Gruner-Str. 44, Süd
85,50- /night –

Kontingentpreis auf Anfrage:

Limehome Leipzig am Brühl
Brühl 60, Mitte, 104,-/night

Accommodation Halle (Saale)

Hostel No5
Robert-Franz-Ring 5, 06108 Halle

Hallorenring 9 , 06108 Halle
70,- /night

the niu Ridge
Riebeckplatz 10, 06108 Halle
60,- /night

Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig and Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle
Organisation: Yeşim Duman, Antkek Engel, Susanne Huber, Katrin Köppert, Isabel Lewis, Friederike Nastold, Lars Paschke
Awareness conzept: Sara Bahadori und Vanessa Fuguero
Design: Sophia Krayc, Lea Szremak und Hannah Witte

Sign language interpreting (DGS) and interpreting offer (Engl.-Dt.)

Online participation of selected panels is possible.



Click here to register. The deadline for registration is 10 June 2023.
Contakt: membraines(at)


See the programme here.

Zoom event of BURG

Find the Zoom Link here.

HGB Radio

Find the stream of Intentional Listening Theorie von Lou Drago here
Find the stream of Sounding Voice - A Guided Exploration by Holly Patch und Holden Madagame here.

Awareness intervention:

Click here for variant 1 and variant 2 of the awareness intervention.

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