Grenzenlose Grenze

von Jey Yang
MA Conceptual Fashiondesign im Sommersemester 2021

Photograper: Milena Wegner Designer: Jungeun Yang H&M: Pauline Zimmermann Model: Byrd & You Kim

Moving or destroying any boundary creates another new boundary. And this is the meaning of my topic. This theme started with a slight interest in things. Boundaries exist everywhere in our daily life.


When we usually recognize objects, we realize a cup as itself or a book as a book. But they also have their outlines.
And even if it is invisible to the human mind, boundaries can exist.

It can also mean your limits or promises.
I was interested in the outlines of these objects or any boundaries that could exist even in thought. And I was intrigued by how or when those boundaries change or disappear. Furthermore, I tried to interpret how boundaries can be expressed in the realm of design. So boundaries, as I've interpreted them, can exist anywhere, move, be destroyed, or even annihilated.
I did various experiments on each outfit based on these boundary characteristics. As a method, experiments were mainly carried out with the outlines of the body and clothes. Or, I designed with common sense or rules like the way we usually think of making clothes.
And when designing, I tried to express feelings of distortion, confusion, and discomfort through pattern transformation, digital printing, or translucent fabrics. Furthermore, through this collection, I wanted to present a new design point of view.


Betreut von Vertretungsprofessorin Jutta Klingel (Kollektion) und Bianca Koczan (schriftliche Arbeit)