-vitalizing silk layers**, Kim Cordes

WiSe 2021/22, ab 4. Studienjahr, Prof. Bettina Göttke-Krogmann, Prof. Marieke Gast, Fabian Hütter (Künstlerischer Mitarbeiter im BioLab des Projektes „BurgLabs“), Johann Bauerfeind (Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter im BioLab des Projektes „BurgLabs“)

Material- / Ergebnisüberblick
photo credits: Kim Cordes

silcularity describes a process to embed Bombyx mori - mulberry silk as a circular material. For this purpose, a natural solvent was developed which dissolves silk fibroins out of cocoons, mixed fabrics and production left overs.

In addition it is shown that the original color can be retained and the liquid fibroin be brought into various shapes and membranes. In the biolab, textile surfaces made of nanofibers were created using the electrospinning technique. Silks can be solved and recured in several nonhazardious parts. 

These developments of possible additions to the product cycle of silk keeps the original material alive as a next "living layer". These tequniques are well documented and stored inside a knowledgebase of the lab. In further projects silks can be used as a raw material or for electrospinning purposes.