Equipment and workshops

Ceramics discipline

Workshop for ceramics

The raw clay preparation equipment allows for specific preparation, mixing and recycling of very different ceramic materials.

The workshop equipment includes gas and electric furnaces with firing volumes of up to 1 square metre, wood-fired furnaces, raku furnaces and a smoke-firing vessel. Firing can be oxidising or reducing, and carried out at various temperature ranges.

There is a wet-spraying booth in a newly equipped room that is reserved for glazing. This room and a separate area reserved for plasterwork are available to all students in the department. Students generally have their own workplaces, which vary depending on projects and the year the students are in. Potter’s wheels are available in a number of rooms. Even beginner students with no prior knowledge can practise pottery here.


Studio and workshop in the Unterburg (Lower Castle),
South wing, Seebener Straße 1, 06114 Halle

Campusplan Kunst

Campusplan Kunst (PDF)