Makiko Mitsunari

Alumni // Aufbau Studium 2012-2015 / Meisterstudium 2016-2018

I am fascinated by the intangible experiences of the natural world and have a deep interest in their translation into jewellery. Throughout history, humankind has marvelled at the wonders and mysteries of nature, creating myths and folktales that assign significant roles to natural elements and carry meanings and values derived from our deep connection with the environment.


Combining inspiration from the immediate natural environment with personal experience and cultural roots, I explore the intricate interdependence of me and nature through the jewellery I create. Mountains, trees, stones, animals, plants and the invisible beings that surround them evoke a profound sense of reverence within me. The pieces I create go beyond mere jewellery; they become integral parts of a story rich in meaning.


In a world often dominated by the visible and tangible, my approach is to feel the mystery and beauty hidden in the invisible and unexplainable. I hope my pieces evoke the wearers an unknown aspect of the world and stimulate the imagination through the act of wearing them.