The course

Discipline within the Industrial Design bachelor's course

Start of course

Winter semester, first-semester students per year: 4-8

Standard duration of course

8 semesters, B.A. – final thesis in 8th semester


There are no university fees

University and examination regulations

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Focuses of this course of study

Innovative design tasks in the area of playing and learning. Design of series-manufactured products such as toys, learning aids for schools, childcare facilities and other educational institutions, the conception and design of playing and learning spaces in the private and public sectors and the development of action strategies for initiatives and facilities – in the areas of education and pedagogy, for example.

Aim of the course

Playing and learning takes place at many locations and in all life phases, and is influenced by societal and technological developments. Accordingly, the spectrum of topics and design requirements involved is very broad. The Design of Playing and Learning discipline covers the design of play spaces, play objects and play activities and the development of concepts and media for the subject of life-long learning. Students will be given the ability to apply methods, design approaches, specialist knowledge and research strategies on problems and tasks in the area of playing and learning in a responsible, independent and professional manner.

Course of study and teaching content

Design fundamentals and practical exercises in design methods are characteristic features of the first four semesters of the eight-semester bachelor’s course. Building upon this foundation, the focus of the course elements in the subsequent semesters is the implementation of complex projects, taking into account design and economic aspects and, at the same time, the development of the students’ personal strengths. This discipline also offers advanced elements in the form of investigations of research and actual practice, interdisciplinary elements, and introductions to related fields such as psychology, pedagogy, didactics, play theory and the history of play.


General qualification for university entrance, and artistic suitability. Six-month pre-university practical experience period in woodwork, metalwork or plastics processing, in graphics, design, model-building; craft or commercial vocational training with similar duties can also be recognised as a pre-university practical experience period. Knowledge and experience in the social or pedagogical sectors are also advantageous. Exceptions: Proof of the general qualification for university entrance can be waived in cases of exceptional talent combined with practical experience.


Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

Brief information

  • Discipline within the Industrial Design course of study
  • Solid fundamental skills in design and art
  • Subject-specific project
  • Accompanying course elements in sciences and theory