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Interior Architecture bachelor’s course

Start of course

Winter semester, first-semester students per year: 15-20

Standard duration of course

8 semesters, B.A. – final thesis in 8th semester


There are no university fees

University and examination regulations

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Aim of the course

With its university-like structure, the art school’s format allows students to identify and express their individual strengths and goals. The main concern here is the nurturing of visions. The goal is to give graduates the ability to identify design challenges and to meet these in an independent, flexible and open-minded manner. In so doing, graduates will focus on the tools of their discipline during their studies and will acquire a mastery of these tools.

Teaching content

The profession of the interior architect is broadly based. Alongside the design of interior layouts, it also includes the design of furniture and the conception of temporary structures (e.g. design of trade fair stands and planning of exhibition layouts), right through to the management of complex conversion and extension projects. The Interior Architecture course prepares graduates for this field of professional activity. Learning takes place in small groups. The department offers cooperation projects, workshops and exchange periods abroad with the goal of encouraging interdisciplinary work.

Course of study

In the first two years of the bachelor’s cause, the focus is on the acquisition of the subject-specific, design and artistic fundamentals – particularly in the development of attractive interiors and the systematic development of furniture designs. In contrast, project studies form the core of the last two years of the bachelor’s course, with design projects linking up with the master’s course in peripheral areas. The course elements offered in the Design faculty are structured into five module areas. These modules are taught in both course-specific and, at the same time, broader manners. .


General qualification for university entrance, and artistic suitability. Six-month pre-university practical experience period in construction or furniture joinery, shopfitting or construction craft trades (construction finishing trades). If vocational training has been completed, the following areas will be recognised as a pre-university practical experience period: furniture joinery, construction and furniture joinery, construction craft trades (construction finishing trades in particular), shopfitting. Six months must have been completed by the start of the course. Upon request, the IA Examining Board will decide upon recognition of and credit for other practical experience. Exceptions: The general qualification for university entrance can be waived in cases of exceptional talent combined with professional experience.


Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

Brief information

  • Solid fundamental skills in design and art
  • Subject-specific project
  • Accompanying course elements in sciences and theory
  • Success in competitions and renowned awards
  • Numerous publicationsFour professors and five assistants, around 80 students

Course brochure

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