XLab | Introduction to Sound Synthesis with Neural Networks | Workshop | Moisés Horta Valenzuela (MEX)

Do, 23.9.2021 und Fr 24.9.2021, jeweils 14–16 Uhr

Moisés Horta Valenzuela at Ars Electronica 2020 © vog.photo

Veranstaltung der BurgLabs Herbstsession 2021


Teilnehmer*innen: 15

Die Anmeldung ist verpflichtend und erfolgt ab Donnerstag, 1.7. bis Sonntag, 11.7.2021 über das Anmeldeformular.

Die Plätze werden nach Ende des Anmeldezeitraums vergeben und die Teilnehmer*innen anschließend benachrichtigt.

Ort: Villa, Dachsaal

Workshop-Sprache: Englisch


The use of tools implementing neural networks has become popular in recent years; whether to create musical compositions, synthesized visual media or quasi-realistic versions of historical or current characters, also called “deep fakes”. In this introductory workshop, we will make use of tools that allow us to work with neural networks for sound synthesis using the free Google Colab platform.

The goal of the workshop is for participants to build basic concepts about how neural networks work and incorporate them into their existing sound design and music composition workflow. We will make use of existing deep learning algorithms and analyze the philosophies behind them, while discussing different types of implementations that artists utilize in their work as well as the ethical implications that these technologies bring to the process of the practitioner.

The workshop is aimed at musicians, sound designers and anyone interested in sound synthesis and neural networks. No programming knowledge is required, but it is welcome.


Moisés Horta Valenzuela is an autodidact sound artist, technologist and electronic musician from Tijuana, México, working in the fields of computer music, artificial intelligence and the history and politics of emerging digital technologies. He crafts an uncanny link between ancient and state-of-the-art sound technologies channeled through a critical decolonial theory lens in the context of contemporary electronic music and the sonic arts. His work has been presented in Ars Electronica, MUTEK México, Transart Festival, MUTEK: AI Art Lab Montréal, Elektron Musik Studion, CTM Festival: Music Makers Hacklab, and others. He is currently an artist in residence at Factory Berlin where he works on new compositions and sound art installations using machine learning while pursuing a Master’s degree in sound studies and sonic arts at the University of Arts Berlin.

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