Event Formats

Getting in Touch

Our office hours

Our weekly office hours are the starting point for students. Be it practical questions about working in the labs, support for artistic/design-related projects and research projects, networking, start-up advice or contextual discourse, the BurgLabs’ doors are open. Every Wednesday from 3:00–5:00 p.m.

Please contact the relevant associate via email in advance.

Getting Insight


Before students can work in a lab, they need to be onboarded. They may need safety-relevant instructions, explanations of devices or detailed information on work methodology and demonstrations of techniques, for example. All freshmen are onboarded for the labs at the beginning of their studies and must refresh their knowledge every year.

Getting Started


We hold getting started workshops to convey the basics to students who want to work independently in the labs. The lab associates provide introductions to specific methods, show basic techniques, and explain key tools. Some of the workshops are prerequisites for working with certain tools, for example the robots in XLab or the sterile workbench in BioLab.

The workshops take place before the semester begins and afterwards, upon request.

Getting Started Workshops overview

Getting Intense

BurgLabs Sessions

Twice a year, we organise the week-long BurgLabs Sessions (in each semester break). They offer various interdisciplinary events for students in the fields of art and design and the related sciences, including the relevant career skills. Each Session has a different motto. The Sessions embrace diversity, offer new perspectives, and create space for exchange. Their agenda contains workshops, presentations, talks, symposia, exhibitions – and much more.

Getting Closer

BurgLabs Café

We also give our research questions the framework of a casual café atmosphere that involves participants and is fun! Our vision is a kind of scientific salon in which we inspire those present to discuss questions as equals. The BurgLabs Café is open to all interested persons – from school students and start-up founders to experts and retired persons – who are interested in exploring our thematic fields together with us and guests from various fields.

The BurgLabs Café event format will take place at irregular intervals … as soon as the pandemic has ended.

Getting Involved

Citizen Science

At regular intervals, we plan to actively involve external persons in our research process at BURG. Citizen science with the BurgLabs combines a variety of formats. For example, we want citizens to directly participate in our scientific work via social media. The pooled content will be made available to the general public.

Getting Shown


Exhibitions are a perfect way to present the results of work from the BurgLabs to the general public. They are how we showcase research from the individual labs. We will take a deeper dive into the content in accompanying events, talks or tours.