Special editions

Society of Friends and Partners of the University, Campus Design,
Designhaus Halle, 1s floor, R 114, Ernst-König-Str. 1, 06108 Halle


Special editions

The Society of Friends and Partners of the University offers members and other interested parties special edition items from previous years in return for contributions. These items include graphics by Thomas Rug, Frank Ruddigkeit, Rolf Müller, Vlado Ondrej, Eva Natus-Salamoun, Rudolf Schäfer, Hermann Weber, Ute Pleuger, Mechthild Lobisch, Hörner/Antlfinger, Johanna Schütz-Wolff, Helmut Brade, Ulrich Klieber, Uwe Pfeiffer, Bernd Göbel, Ulrich Reimkasten and Andrea Zaumseil.

Most of the income raised in this manner goes to the Society to support student projects.

Orders can be taken right away. The works can be viewed, ordered and picked up from Kerstin Ludwar in the university’s Press Office at Neuwerk 7, Villa, Room 214 by prior arrangement (please phone 0345 7751-524). If you wish, the items can also be sent as insured packages for a cost of €10.

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