Graduate stipends

Awarding of stipends as part of the state of Saxony-Anhalt’s graduate support programme

From november 2017 on the Awarding Commission granted Graduate Stipends to following graduate students of the Burg Giebichenstein University for Art and Design Halle:

  • Bernhard Elsässer (Fashion design, diploma)
  • Lucy König (Metal Sculpure, diploma)
  • Frauke Rahr (Timebased Art, diploma)
  • Hanna Sass (Painting, diploma)
  • Rosa Marie Wagner (Editorial Design, MA)

  • Malte Westphalen (Industrial Design, MA)
  • Martin Wöllenstein (Metal Sculpture, diploma)

Invitation for applications

In line with the Graduate Support Act (Grafög) of the German federal state of Saxony-Anhalt of 30 July 2001, graduates of ‘Diplom’ and master’s courses at Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle may apply for a graduate stipend aimed at fostering the next generation of artists and scientists. It is recommended that there be at least six months between the end of studies and the submission of the application.


This support is dependent on the allocation of funds for stipends as per Saxony-Anhalt’s Graduate Support Act. A stipend cannot be awarded if the implementation of an artistic or scientific development project has already been or is being supported by other state funding.


The graduate stipend is available in two formats: the Graduate Stipend for Designers (GSD) and the Graduate Stipend for Artists (German abbreviation: GSK). Decisions upon the awarding of stipends are taken by the Graduate Commission, which has been appointed by the Academic Senate at Burg Giebichenstein for this purpose. The basic amount of the stipend is €1.100/month plus, where applicable, a childcare supplement. Date for the beginning of support is August 2016.

Graduate Stipend for Designers

This support is specifically targeted at the development of a project by the stipend-holder. This project must be described in sufficient detail in the application. A proposal is required here that describes the idea and the initial conditions (degree of preparation). This proposal should also describe what can be expected at the end of the first support period (after five months) as a result (detailed time plan).

Graduate Stipend for Artists

The graduate stipend provides an opportunity to artists to develop their own artistic personality and to develop their own work without financial pressures. Accordingly, the application should set out the applicant’s artistic path so far and should present a convincing argument for the manner in which the applicant’s own artistic potential will be realised in the planned intensive work phase. The application should also indicate the intermediate results that can be expected after the first support period.

Period of award

The graduate stipend will first be awarded for an initial support period of five months. At the application stage, the applicant can indicate an option for an extension of support for a further 5 + 2 months. After five months, a detailed report on progress during the support period is to be submitted for documentation purposes. The results of the work carried out should also be presented to the Graduate Commission. The evaluator / mentor will then provide the Graduate Commission with his or her opinion of this result. The Commission may also opt to consult with the stipend-holder.

Members of the Graduate Commission

  • Chairperson: Prorector Prof. Dr. Sara Burkhardt
  • Representatives of the university professors’ group: Prof. Georg Barber, Prof. Mareike Gast, Prof. Stella Geppert, Prof. Rita Rentzsch, Prof. Rolf Wicker
  • Representatives of mid-level teaching staff: Claas Gutsche, Carla Streckwall
  • Equality Officer: Prof. Bettina Göttke-Krogmann
  • Permanent guest: Karstin Kirchner

Extension of five months

If the Commission has approved an extension, final documentation is to be submitted after a further period of five months. This should describe the progress and activities within the support period. Partial results and experiments conducted etc. should be described and documented in a manner that is transparent and understandable for the Graduate Commission. Sufficient attention should be given to results in the documentation (brief description, details of materials, dimensions and photo material).

Extension of two months

The Graduate Commission may extend the stipend by a further two months based on this final documentation. A particular aim of this final support period is to allow the stipend-holder to refine the results achieved based on the recommendations of the evaluator/mentor or of the GC, to prepare for publication where applicable, and to support preparations for an exhibition by the stipend-holder.


Once it has received the documentation, the Graduate Commission decides whether the work is suitable for consideration for an exhibition. A curated exhibition is planned in cooperation with the Art Studies department and the Art Pedagogy course; this exhibition will present the various facets of graduate support at Burg Giebichenstein to interested members of the public. The Graduate Commission decides whether contributions from stipend-holders who have not been awarded a second or third support period will also be involved in the exhibition. The GC will also decide on a case-by-case basis to what extent the works produced as part of graduate support fit in with the body of work to be exhibited.


Application forms are available on the Burg Giebichenstein website.


The application form (personal details, short description of artistic or academic career so far, details of project in support period) also indicates the supporting documents that are necessary (copy of university degree).


Evaluations from a member of the university’s teaching staff and from another professor are to be provided. The form available on the university’s website is to be used here. One of the evaluators must indicate that he or she is willing to act as a mentor for the stipend-holder. The evaluations should be send to the Graduate Commission.

Award procedure

After the preselection phase, the Graduate Commission considers particularly promising applications in more detail. These candidates are invited to an interview with the GC, where they will have an opportunity to explain their project and answer questions.


Application deadline: 1 June 2018
Preselection: to be announced
Interview with Graduate Commission: to be announced

Contact person

Karstin Kirchner
Tel.: +49 345 7751 530
Email: kirchner(at)  burg-halle.  de

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