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Focuses of this course of study

The Ceramics course includes a compulsory foundation course in design and technical fundamentals for orientation purposes. In the main study period, students choose individual topics from the 5th semester onwards which are then investigated in terms of both content and form.

One-off vessels, objects, ceramic sculpture and installation are all accorded equal stature. The focus is on working with ceramic materials, including the integration of other materials. Design work for architecture-related art and the implementation of same is another important topic in this training. Cooperation with other departments is encouraged.

Examination of both historical and contemporary artworks can help to focus one’s own goals and optimise recognition processes. The teaching philosophy should awaken students’ desire to take up further challenges that will develop in the course of discussions in class and in their societal environment. Talent should develop to manifest itself in terms of personal and artistic positions. By investigating the personal and remaining open at the same time, content will find the most suitable material – often by means of less result-oriented, non-ceramic experimentation. The vision is still the convincing combination of ambition and material.


General qualification for university entrance, and artistic suitability. No specialist prior technical and craft skills are required. Exceptions: The general qualification for university entrance can be waived in cases of exceptional talent combined with professional experience.


‘Diplom’ degree in Fine Arts

Start of course

Winter semester, first-semester students per year: 2-6

Standard duration of course

Foundation course: 4 semesters, Main study period: 6 semesters including ‘Diplom’ thesis‘Diplom’ thesis: Written thesis and practical work, ‘Diplom’ colloquium


There are no university fees

University and examination regulations

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Postgraduate courses

Fine Art
‘Meisterschüler (Master Student)’ course of study