Intercultural Kitchen

A platform for international events and intercultural programs

People from all over the world study, work and teach at BURG. How do they come together and what can such an exchange enable? We are convinced that living interculturality is a great opportunity to learn from each other, to understand cultural differences and similarities, and to break down prejudices. Diversity at the university shows itself in the life paths of its members, becomes audible in languages and dialects, tangible in projects and excursions. Everyone involved benefits from places that facilitate intercultural exchange.
In order to give this even more space - and in a concrete sense - the project Intercultural Kitchen was launched. 
The Intercultural Kitchen is a platform for international events and intercultural programs and an offer outside the formal curriculum, but by and for the entire university community. Where there is communal cooking, there are also sounds and music, exchange and discussion. A location-independent, mobile event equipment was developed: a purpose-built small kitchen on wheels, optionally equipped with screen, projector and lighting technology.
Let's develop recipes and events together that raise international-intercultural topics and issues and show the BURG as a place of collaborative creative learning, teaching and working across national borders. Together with students*, staff*, and individuals from around the world who study, work, and teach at BURG, the goal is to create a collaborative framework for international events, intercultural programs, workshops, debates, conversations, experimental formats, and more.

You want to bring other students closer to your country and its culture? You want to meet international students, have never tasted the national dish of your fellow students or need some insider tips just before your semester abroad?


How does the Intercultural Kitchen work?

  • Plan an event concept with an intercultural focus.
  • Describe your idea and event with all relevant dates and a short elaboration of your concept and send it to at least 14 days before your event - we will get back to you as soon as possible!
  • Pick up the carts, run your event on your own, return all utensils to us complete and clean.
  • Fill out our feedback form and send us photos for our documentation and social media channels. 

What do you get from us?
You can easily borrow our mobile Intercultural Kitchen trolley, with cooking pots, plates, bowls, cutlery and two induction plates, lighting and a sound system as well as a beamer and screen for the implementation of your international project. Depending on the concept, it is also possible to receive funding and have the kitchen trolley transported to another castle location.

We are looking forward to your event proposals and creative ideas!
The team of the Intercultural Kitchen supports you in the realization of your project! 


Curious? An idea for an event?

Contact persons

Katja Lehmann


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This project is funded by the Ministry of Economy, Science and Digitalization of Saxony-Anhalt. The responsibility for the content of this publication lies with the author.