on cases of abuse of power, discrimination and sexualised assaults at the BURG

You can use this questionnaire to report cases of abuse of power, discrimination, sexualised assaults or similar cases to the BURG. The Equality Office will handle your information carefully and confidentially and will contact you if you provide the relevant data. If the problem you have reported is not related to Equal Opportunities but to the Commission for Protection against Discrimination, we will put you in touch with this commission.

You will find information on various forms of discrimination under Equality Office/Tasks.

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Ansprechpersonen an der Burg Giebichenstein

Prof. Dr. Nike Bätzner
Professorin für Kunstgeschichte
Zentrale Gleichstellungsbeauftragte BURG

T +49(0)345/7751-690

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Janosch Kaden
Werkstattleiterin Buchkunst
Mitarbeiterin Gleichstellung

T +49(0)345/7751-639

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