Equality Office

Tasks of the Equality Officers


The Equality Officers of the university and of the individual faculties work towards the creation of equal opportunities for women and men and the avoidance of disadvantages for female members of the university. Their tasks also include the implementation of the goal that women should be represented in an appropriate manner in the various bodies and committees in the university. They promote the integration of topics from women’s studies into the academic work of the university.

The Equality Officers are involved in all matters that affect female members of the university, particularly where personnel measures are imminent. They are to be informed and involved in a comprehensive manner and in good time; they are allowed to inspect application materials.

They are the point of contact for complaints about sexual harassment, provide advice to those affected and, with the consent of those affected, forward details of this sexual harassment to the relevant university authorities.

The Equality Officers are obliged to maintain secrecy regarding issues and facts that they become aware of in the course of performing their functions.

They report annually on the status of their work. These reports are accessible to all at the university.

(Excerpts from the Higher Education Act of the German federal state of Saxony-Anhalt § 72 and the Promotion of Women Act § 14 and subsequent)

Equality Officers

University: Prof. Dr. Nike Bätzner
Art faculty: Prof. Caroline Achaintre
Design faculty: Janna Nikoleit
Administration: Teresa Falkenhagen