Time-related media

Prof. Michaela Schweiger, Art Campus, ‘Gärtnerhaus’ building
Telephone +49(0) 345 7751-605, schweiger(at)  burg-halle.  de

Introductory video course

Whether on TV, on the underground, in exhibition spaces, in nightclubs, on monitors for security cameras, on your mobile phone or on the Internet: film and video influence our perception of the world in a variety of manners. A wide range of media opportunities are available for use in artistic activity, and one can also learn from these. Working with a specific keyword, participants in this seminar obtain initial practical experience with the medium of video. Manual and technical fundamentals such as camera work, montage techniques and digital video editing are components of this seminar. In parallel with practical work, students also consider various aspects of fictional, documentary and experimental working methods. The use of various image concepts, sound and music is also investigated. The aim of the seminar is the ability to use design tools in a targeted manner in order to find an appropriate visual language for a given video project and to develop aesthetic skills in the area of time-based media.