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Beginners, over and over again – this is of course perfectly normal. Peter Handke

What does Composition mean? For a start... it means working! Painting, drawing, visual and artistic activity, reflecting, living. Every university has its own particular structure, and ours is no exception here. In the foundation subjects, students from very different disciplines work together – from ceramics, painting, video art, sculpture, book art and jewellery, to name but a few. All with different methods and conceptual approaches. 50% of Composition concerns vision, i.e. seeing what others are doing. This opportunity will never be repeated: learning how to see, learning how to view things for the first time, catching a glimpse. Important here are: getting to know various working methods… intuition and calculation, the principle of chance, searching, finding… failing, persevering, and succeeding. The era of certainties is over. We question things... everything! Working means taking up positions which have to be adjusted from time to time. Learning as a dynamic process, in other words.

Prof. Ulrich Klieber