Course elements

Painting/Glass discipline within the Painting/Graphics ‘Diplom’ degree course

Teaching concept

The starting point for work in this area is the attempt to answer the complex question concerning the individual and societal purpose, the ‘why’ of artistic work, alongside the search for the motivation behind artistic personalities. These are always connected with their means of implementation to form a ‘language’, with the ‘how’ of artistic work. This implementation may be linked with glass as a material, but is also open to other media. Experimental works that also span other materials and genres are the main premises here. This education includes distribution mechanisms and areas of application of art and concentrates on practical experience with the medium of exhibition, artistic confrontation with old and new architecture, and activity in the public domain in the broadest possible sense.

Lehrangebote im Fachbereich Kunst

Lehrangebote in der Kunstgeschichte

Supplementary course elements

Fundamentals of Visual Art
Art Studies