Infrastructure SustainLab

SustainLab is in the BURG material collection and no environment could be more appropriate. In the midst of this tangible collection, material is considered as a whole: from its origin, properties, and context of use to the end of its service life and the consequences for the environment.

The SustainLab associates combine their experience and different approaches from the environmental sciences and design, supporting seamless transitions into free art.

A metaphorical toolbox supports them. SustainLab developed the Terra Ocular methodology to consider various sustainability-related perspectives with the help of detailed question modules and explore the boundaries of new strategies for research and practice in art and design.

SustainLab uses various approaches and tools from a wide range of disciplines. For example, methods such as life cycle assessment, material flow analysis, field experiments, and field research from the environmental sciences join with various tools from design research, sustainable design, and process-orientated approaches to artistic research. Working in the lab also includes developing one’s own tools for examining the various thematic fields.