@Students: FAQ SustainLab

Who can use SustainLab?

SustainLab is open to students and associates in all faculties. They must observe the opening hours or office hours and prior registration with the associates in the lab.

What prerequisites are there for access to SustainLab?

To be able to work in SustainLab, students must first be onboarded. The onboarding information is provided at the beginning of the first semester and refreshed every year. Students will receive all the relevant information on the aims of the lab and basic methods and approaches to work.

How do I prepare for SustainLab?

Students must register with the associates of SustainLab via email in advance, including a brief description of their project. During office hours, associates will provide advice related to the questions, content, and projects, and plan the course of the work in the lab with the student.

Where can I find basic information on sustainability as a field of research?

In every semester break, we hold the following getting started workshops as an introduction to working in SustainLab:

  • Life&Cycle: Life cycle assessment basics and its use in art and design
  • Speculations&Transformations: Introduction to speculative design, merits and dangers of critical interventions and frivolous utopias in the socio-ecological context