Information for course applicants

The portfolio – What should be taken into account

The portfolio should include at least 20 samples of work that are no more than two years old. In the case of Communication Design, the invitation to the suitability test sent to applicants will be accompanied by a statement of the subject area for a homework exercise that is to be brought along with the portfolio on the day of the suitability test.

There are no specifications with regard to format, content or techniques. The works recommended include nature studies, spatial studies, and free imaginative and individual works too. Sketch books may also be of interest. On the whole, perfect execution is less important than a light-handed, lively style. It should also be evident that you already possess a certain diversity with regard to different techniques and modes of expression.

You may also take photographs of sculpture works and include these photos in the portfolio. Samples of work that have been produced digitally should be included as print-outs. In the case of animations or videos, include selected sequences in the form of small images. CDs, DVDs etc. cannot be viewed when evaluating the portfolio; you may bring these along to the interview.