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Information for course applicants

Suitability test

Thorough examination: in the suitability test, prospective students are required to demonstrate their particular artistic and design talent, which will make it likely that they will achieve their course goals.  The evaluation procedure is carried out at the start of the summer semester (i.e. around the end of March / beginning of April each year).

The procedure for evaluating course-related artistic and design suitability takes a maximum of three days and is organised into a preselection procedure for approval for the main procedure, followed by the main procedure itself for evaluating course-related and artistic-design suitability. This is then valid for the next three approval deadlines following the suitability test.

Procedure for suitability test

  • 1. Model drawing
  • 2. Imaginative drawing
  • 3. Relief in clay
  • 4. Imaginative task
  • 5. Design of a poster
  • 6. Drawing of spatial situation
  • 7. Personal subject-specific interview



The relevant commission may decide upon course-specific focal areas within the framework of the prescribed programme.

Evaluation is carried out using a points system of 0 to 10 points. Course-related or subject-related artistic and design talent is deemed to exist if at least 40% of the possible points total is achieved and if at least 4 points were awarded in half of the evaluation areas. Note: students who wish to switch courses may apply for a waiver for parts of the suitability test if they can demonstrate equivalent achievements.