XLab Podcast: Towards Co-Creation

In Towards Co-Creation, Alexa Steinbrück and Simon Maris from XLab put cooperative design processes between humans and machines at the centre of their conversations. In the episodes, they meet makers, artists, and scientists who use artificial intelligence and robotics in their creative practices. Towards Co-Creation documents the discourses in the XLab and traces different perspectives in the interviews.

The aim is to explore AI and robotics as tools for creative cooperation instead of autonomous technologies. How do these technologies change the creative process? What will co-creation look like in the future? And how can we contribute to a realistic and critical perspective that does not shy away from the technologies’ deficits, limitations, and impacts on society.

The podcast is available free of charge on the usual portals or here on this page.

Towards Co-Creation Folge 4: Lenka Hámošová

Towards Co-Creation Folge 3: Moisés Horta Valenzuela

Towards Co-Creation Folge 2: Claire Glanois

Towards Co-Creation Episode 1: AATB

This preview-episode for the Towards Co-Creation podcast is from the archive. In autumn 2020 we interviewed Andrea Anner and Thibault Brevet from AATB _ Practice for Non-Industrial Robotics for our BurgLabs Opening Symposium. Back then we only published parts of the interview, now you get the full conversation! We discuss their work, how they got involved with robotic arms, their teaching, and what the future of creative robotics could be. This episode was recorded remotely, please excuse the sound quality. We are setting-up a higher quality recording setup for the future.