With Whatsapp, all the usual messenger functions can be used: Text and voice messages, sending small files, phone and video calls with up to 32 people, creating and deleting groups. Chats can be end-to-end encrypted.

Credits: Nora Prinz

Whatsapp is a free messenger service from the provider Meta (formerly Facebook). It is one of the best-known and oldest messenger services that has revolutionised communication via smartphone. The messenger is repeatedly criticised for not adhering to data protection guidelines and using user data for commercial purposes.

Wofür ?
Whatsapp can be used for individual and group communication. Audio and video calls with up to 32 people are also possible. Users can create groups, for example, to invite people to events or organise projects. At BURG, many classes use Whatsapp to organise themselves. As it is not possible to hide your phone number in Whatsapp, you should only join groups whose participants you know.

For whom?
Whatsapp is a freely available, free tool. 

As registration requires a mobile phone number, the app must first be installed on the mobile phone. A desktop client is available. Whatsapp transfers all contacts that use Whatsapp from the mobile phone's contact list. Under Settings > Privacy, settings can be configured to determine which information should be visible to whom. Further information on privacy settings can be found here.

Log in
Registration takes place via the mobile phone number. After installation, a code is sent via SMS or call to the telephone number provided. This code must then be entered into the app.

Further information on installing Whatsapp for various devices can be found here.