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On the following pages you will find everything that might interest you about studying and applying at Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!


What does the BURG stand for?

Founded by Paul Thiersch in 1915, the Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle, offers its students the opportunity of learning different forms of action and design, formulating points of view and trying out artistic forms in the field of tension between the diverse disciplines of art or design. The aim is to develop one's own artistic language and attitude as well as one's own repertoire for solving design tasks.

Studying here at the BURG also means entering into dialogue with others, discussing in a team, experimenting in the studio - and all this on a campus whose facilities are unparalleled anywhere in Germany. At the same time, the BURG offers a wide range of opportunities to make contacts in other countries through its international network. Committed teachers and staff accompany the approximately 1,000 students in projects, seminars and individual discussions, in studios and workshops, in a constant interplay of theory and practice.

The degree programmes at the art faculty end with a “Diplom” or state examination, and in the Design Faculty with a Bachelor of Arts, which can be followed by a Master's degree. Even after graduation, Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design accompanies its graduates on their way with scholarships, advice, alumni exhibitions or support for setting up a business in the Designhaus Halle.

If you decide to study at BURG, it means daring to be free, to take responsibility for the path you have chosen for yourself, to savour freedom and equally to shape it. It also means taking advantage of the opportunities to reflect on the world we live in, to take a stand, to actively give shape to things and life, to transform one's own reflections, observations and thoughts into worlds that can be experienced visually.

Do you have any questions? Our staff at the Student Information Centre always have an open ear and detailed information on all degree programmes. A visit to the annual exhibition or the study information day as well as an individual portfolio consultation also provide a variety of insights.

Save the Dates

11 January 2024

Study Information Day

Registration and application for the entrance examination for Bachelor, Diploma, Staatsexamen in winter semester 2024/25

1st December 2023 to 11th March 2024
Online registration for the entrance examination Bachelor.

1st December 2023 to 26th February 2024
Online registration for the entrance examination Diplom and Staatsexamen
The applicant portal will be activated on December 1st, 2023.

Registration and application for the entrance examination for Master programs in winter semester 2024/25

April to May 2024  
Online registration for all master programs for internal applicants. External applicants can apply for most master programs, except Interior Architecture M.A. and Furniture and Interior Design M.A. (application only possible for summer semester)
The applicant portal will be activated in April 2024.

More information

FAQ for master application. 

FAQ for Bachelor, Diploma, State examination application.

May 2024

Buddy Day (register here)

Registration and application for the entrance examination for Master programs in summer semester 2025

Ocotber 1st 2024 until 15th November 2024
Online application for all master programs for internal students (external students can only apply for Multimedia Design M.A. , Interior Architecture M.A. and Furniture and Interior Design M.A.) The applicant portal will be activated at the beginning of October.






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