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Semester reserve collection in the library

In semester reserve collection in the library you can provide students with access to basic literature during the entire course period. The literature required in your course is provided separately in the library.
We will take care of the set-up and management of the semester apparatus.
All media in your semester collection are available during library hours. Borrowing is only possible with your permission as a short loan overnight or over the weekend.

In individual cases you can allow participating persons of your event a longer loan period. In these cases, please contact the library's circulation desk: bibliothek(at) T +49 (0)345 7751-637

Setting up a semester collection

Fill out the order form with the literature list and submit it to the library. Please note that the provision period of the different acquisition requests can vary considerably. Therefore, the forms should be submitted to the library as early as possible so that the requested titles can be made available in the semester apparatus from the beginning of the course.


Burg Library
T +49 (0)345 7751-637

Digital semester reserve collections

The BURG Box is ideal as a digital semester apparatus, serving as a shared seminar folder for filing and sharing documents and more:

Files: Data exchange, shared folder
Surveys: scheduling and text surveys
Deck: project planning
Text creation: easy shared document editing
File synchronization/mobile access: to synchronize files with your own computer (PC, Mac, Linux) or to access files with mobile devices (Android, iOS), a suitable program can be installed with this.


BURG has installed its own cloud on the server of the data center at, it is based on the standard cloud solution NextCloud. The official documentation can be found here.


Log in with the st-number (students) or the Burg-account (employees; like WLAN) and Burg-password.
If you have any questions about the BURG Box, please contact the computer center.


Please observe the applicable copyright law when making works accessible. Important regulations regarding the digital semester apparatus are summarized here.


Setting up a semester reserve collection in the Library

Download the application form,
fill it out and send it to the Library.

Setting up a digital semester reserve collection

Copyright and digital semester reserve collection