Why software updates are important

Zombies are software programmes that are no longer updated and may contain security vulnerabilities. Systems not updated are at risk of malware such as a virus, trojans and ransomware.

Credits: Nora Prinz

Software developers not only work on new features for their programmes. They also analyse their software for potential security vulnerabilities or fix existing ones. If they would not do so, it would be easy for hackers and malware to access other people's accounts, data and devices to steal data or spy on the device. To prevent this, it is important to keep apps and software up to date. Otherwise, there will be more and more security gaps in the programme, making a cyberattack increasingly likely.

  • Tips to avoid zombies:

    Delete programmes you don't need:
    This not only saves memory but keeps programmes from being forgotten and turning into a security risk. 

    Keep programmes up to date: 
    The easiest way to do this is to enable automatic updates. If this setting does not exist, you can check the settings to see if there is a new update for most apps and programmes. 

    Be careful with unknown developers!
    Some apps and programmes are already infected with malware and gain access to the device after installation. Software should only be installed from verified providers. Apps should only be downloaded from the App Store.