Compulsory Health Insurance in Germany

All Burg students (including exchange students) must prove upon enrolment that they have sufficient health insurance coverage in Germany, according to BURG standards.

Statutory insurance policies from EU member countries and from Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, and Macedonia are also valid in Germany. All you need to do is apply for a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) at your home insurance company. You must present the EHIC when you enroll.

Citizens from the following contracting countries please contact the following national companies in order to get a valid health insurance card. You must present this card when you enroll. Then, just take this card to a statutory health insurance company upon arrival in Halle and request a certificate of exemption from the health insurance requirement. (Please ask before travelling which costs will be covered by your agency. Foreign insurance companies do not always pay for all the costs of medical treatment in Germany. In such cases, you will be obliged to pay for additional expenses yourself.)

Countries                 Code of the Card     

  • Bosnia-Herzegovina     BH6               
  • Macedonia                     D/RM111       
  • Montenegro                   DE/MNE111   
  • Serbia                             DE 111 SRB     
  • Turkey                            A/T11               
  • Tunisia                          A/TN11           

Students from all other countries must sign up for health coverage in Germany with either a state or private health insurance provider. The current prices there are around  120,00 € per month for students aged up to 23 years and 123,00 € per month for students aged from 23 years on.