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Master's degree programs

The master's programs at BURG are aimed at graduates of bachelor's or diploma programs with a primarily creative-artistic focus. All applicants are subject to a course-specific entrance examination. However, this can also be taken by graduates of other fields of study who are qualified in the subject. In addition to this examination, most degree programs require proof of subject-related internships or comparable practical experience. One goal of the program is the preparation of the individual master's thesis, after the successful completion of which the title Master of Art (M.A.) is awarded.

Duration of studies

The duration of the study program is flexible and is based on the number of semesters of the previous study program:

two semesters: upon completion of a four-year bachelor's degree of the same subject with 240 ects credits or a comparable diploma program
four semesters: upon completion of a three-year bachelor's degree or diploma program in the same field of study
four semesters: upon completion of a non-subject-related or non-design/artistic course of study.
Studying and working on the Design Campus
The master's program at BURG is project-oriented and offers extensive opportunities to deepen the theoretical and practical aspects of the respective discipline and to implement them in complex project work. In this context, the Campus Design at BURG offers high-quality facilities with a large number of specific workshops. Unique to any university in Germany, they offer the opportunity for intensive underpinning of design work through practical experimentation and realization. As a rule, master's students can propose their own projects or choose from several project offerings of the respective degree program. In addition, there are interdisciplinary courses in design science, social science, and art and design. The communicative atmosphere at the Design Campus and the proximity to students and teachers of the respective other Master's programs as well as to the campus of the Department of Art offer a lively exchange. In many master's programs, interdisciplinary work is expressly desired.

Save the Dates

11 January 2024

Study Information Day

Registration and application for the entrance examination for Bachelor, Diploma, Staatsexamen in winter semester 2024/25

1st December 2023 to 11th March 2024
Online registration for the entrance examination Bachelor.

1st December 2023 to 26th February 2024
Online registration for the entrance examination Diplom and Staatsexamen
The applicant portal will be activated on December 1st, 2023.

Registration and application for the entrance examination for Master programs in winter semester 2024/25

April to May 2024  
Online registration for all master programs for internal applicants. External applicants can apply for most master programs, except Interior Architecture M.A. and Furniture and Interior Design M.A. (application only possible for summer semester)
The applicant portal will be activated in April 2024.

More information

FAQ for master application. 

FAQ for Bachelor, Diploma, State examination application.

May 2024

Buddy Day (register here)

Registration and application for the entrance examination for Master programs in summer semester 2025

Ocotber 1st 2024 until 15th November 2024
Online application for all master programs for internal students (external students can only apply for Multimedia Design M.A. , Interior Architecture M.A. and Furniture and Interior Design M.A.) The applicant portal will be activated at the beginning of October.






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